Inspiring Spaces
By Larisa
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Carving out a creative space in your home for you and/or your children is sometimes easier said than done. Sometimes necessity may also be a driving force.

We have a small kids activity table which has seen a lot of love over the past few years, but as my son grew into some more advanced projects that we wanted to keep out of reach from the curious hands of his little sister, I needed a new solution, and thus, this creative space came to be. We love this little corner of our sun room pictured above and its proved to be a very useful and creative space!

As you create your own inspiring space, ask yourself these questions ...

1. Is it Functional? - As visually appealing as your space may be, don't forget it has to be a functional area of your home. Think about what the end purpose for that space will be, and make sure it meets that need. (My son's desk area functions as an art space, homework table, crafting area, and general place for projects that simply aren't safe for his younger sister.)

2. Is it Evolving? - We all know kids grew faster than you can pick up the trail of toys behind them, so having a space that can grow with your children and your constantly changing lives is important. Set it up for how you will use the space now, but keep an open mind about updating your space in the future. (Our desk is actually an adjustable drafting table so I can continue to raise the height as needed. The spinning organizer can hold colored pencils now, or more advanced art supplies later on. Additionally, even though my son is only 5, the desk and the organizers aren't a child scale so he will be able to grow into the space for many years to come!)

3. Does it Make You Happy? -  Decorate your space with colors and images that evoke joy and you will surely feel inspired and ready to create! (The framed pictures on the wall are from our family vacations to Walt Disney World, with a larger collage of images in the center which I update each year ... so even our decor is evolving!)

Happy organizing and creating in the new year! And if you'd like a photo collage similar to the one pictured above, I'd be happy to design something just for you! Email me at


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